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Quick, reliable and reasonably priced ADSO is where clients land in their search for trustworthy air cargo services in UAE. With over 5 decades of experience in air cargo UAE, we have the best air freight fleet with reliable contacts in the industry to provide the best services possible. Excellent services combined with affordable air cargo rates, ADSO is the first choice for all those who wish to send their cargo through air freight transport. Contact our customer service to get the best air freight services and rates in UAE region.

Best Air Cargo Rates

ADSO provides premium air cargo services to it's clientèle and specialize in air freight forwarding with several value added services. We offer tailor-made solutions to all those companies who wish to transport their goods through the air whether they are small parcels or large cargo. ADSO offers a well-equipped air cargo department that has all the facilities to successfully and safely transport goods through aircraft.

We believe in progress and have the top-notch aircraft facilities available that deliver goods in the fastest time and safest way possible. Providing you with 24 hours support and the best customer services in the region, our clients are known to stay with us for years. Our efficiency and effectiveness in our work is well known around the world.

Air cargo logistic solutions often need to be tailor made and customized according to the requirements of the clients. This can include a certain type of packaging, a door to door delivery and many more such requests made by the clients to ensure their product reaches safely to it's destination. ADSO ensures that end to end freight services are provided and we also provide one of the best insurance policies. With a blanket of security checks and insurance policy, your goods are safe with us.

Our expert staff ensures that the goods are handled with optimal care and does not allow for any mistakes. The cargo to be transported goes through several security checks before it is boarded on to the craft and then the second level of transportation starts where the goods are kept in utmost safety while on board. The third stage starts once the goods are loaded off and marked for deliveries. Throughout each stage there are several safety checks and steps taken to ensure your goods are transported in their original state.

We have several basic air cargo packages available from urgent delivery, standard delivery to dedicated aircraft delivery as well. One may need a variety of cargo services to choose from so we have those, plus our value-added services include customizing the air freight according to the requirements of the client. From the time of packaging to delivery, you can contact our customer services at any point and they will be there to assist you. Not just that, but you can also track your packages online through our online live tracking system.

We have committed capacity services for those who wish to send cargo during peak times and can not find space elsewhere. Due to our decades of experience in the field of air cargo solutions, we have a wide network of resources and have accessibility to remote areas and territories. Our huge network also means that goods can be transferred during difficult or peak timings, and with the utmost security. From fragile cargo to abnormal freight packages, we have an aviation logistics solution for everyone.



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