Air Freight Company Dubai, UAE

ADSO provides premium Air Freight Dubai services to its clients who wish to use the fastest route in transporting cargo. Sending your heavy machinery, or loaded cargo via air cargo is a smart logistics plan and although it may seem expensive, it will provide you with the best value for money with our competitive air freight charges. With 50 years of experience in air freight shipping, ADSO Dubai has one of the best logistics teams to help you plan and execute your transportation plan. We offer the best air freight services packages for our esteemed clients.

Air Freight Shipping Charges

Air freight companies are indispensable for import and export companies, as they provide the most economical and efficient solutions for business owners who want to transport their goods, equipment or entire projects from one place to another, sometimes even across continents. Forwarding your entire project or heavy equipment is a long process during which there is a lot to take into consideration like the logistics of storage, transport, red tape etc. An air freight company that can forward the entire process for you from the beginning to end is a blessing that saves you from a lot of unnecessary delays and stress. Trustworthy and renowned freight forwarding like ADSO, who have been in the business for years and have expedited hundreds of projects are your best option for the safest and most reliable import/export of goods.
There are several steps involved in the forwarding process, which the air-freight agency will carry out for you or on behalf of your organization. The agency is involved in custom clearance, providing insurance for damages and even managing the inventory. We will also ensure that there are no unexpected lag during shipment as we are licensed to provide rapid documentation and custom clearance, as well as having a good reputation with ministry clearance. We will plan the project from the beginning in which we can to the budgeting as well, right to the end when the project is delivered to the location. Needless to say, you can hand over your projects without a worry while we will manage all of it for you!


ADSO - No 1 Air Freight Company in UAE

We are the top Air Cargo agency in the UAE, as we provide complete freight forwarding solutions to our customers. We will deal with your projects from scratch till the very end, with full coverage against damages and air lifting each item from one area to another. We have the best air cargo carriers and provide competitive rates for our clients. Our rates are economical because we have regular transactions with the air carriers and we are accustomed to the formalities, the terrain and the inner customs clearance procedures. We have excellent storage services which will make you stress-free about where your goods are going to rest until it is time to be transported. From temperature control storehouses with essential racks and shelves to huge hangars or open yard storage, we have it all.

Why choose ADSO Air Freight Agency

ADSO is the name that is trusted in the entire United Arabs Emirates and extends to neighboring kingdoms and countries, as well as all overt the globe. We can transport your projects, even as big as oil rigs from one location to anywhere in the world. You can track your projects as they travel towards the destination and be fully aware of the location of the equipments or goods being transported. We are very thorough in surveying the route via which the air cargo will be travelling and make a detailed report on it. Every country has it's own set of laws about which our expert legal team is fully aware so that there are no delays during custom clearance, border clearance or any documentation that needs to be done.
Contact our team today to get an instant free quote for transporting goods, equipment or huge construction projects or even oil rigs across continents through our air freight organization. We are a trusted name for efficient air cargo transportation of heavy machinery in the UAE. Trust us to deliver.


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