Freight Forwarding Companies in Dubai

Logistics play a vital role in ensuring that businesses flourish and succeed. Freight forwarding companies in Dubai provide and easy and reliable solution to supply chains in transporting their products in a safe way. Freight forwarders in Dubai are a channel through which companies import or export FMCGs, pharmaceuticals or any product from point A to point B. As experts in supply chain logistics management, freight forwarders in Dubai assist you in preparing the products for delivery as well as in any legal procedures. ADSO Dubai comes on the list of top freight forwarding companies in Dubai and has been one of the most trusted logistics organization in 2019.

Freight Forwarders in Dubai

Serving Dubai for more than 50 years, we are the experts you need to manage your supply chain logistics. With an expertise in third party logistics management, ADSO has several customized transport solutions to suit your needs. From air freight, sea freight to land transport -we have it all under one roof. Not just that, but multi modal form of transportation is also an option to help save money and make the transportation process more efficient. We offer fully flexible scheduling to ensure worldwide timely deliveries and import of cargo in Dubai.


Our team of logistics experts who can provide you with the right advice on freight forwarding, legal process, warehouse security and so on. We have a 24 hours customer care service for your convenience, especially for our clients whose cargo is being transported at different times of the day. It is easy to track your cargo with live online status of the truck, ship or plane! Offering you state of the art technology to ensure air, sea and land freight is managed as efficiently as possible, ADSO has your best interest at heart.

When choosing a freight forwarder company in Dubai, it is important to see their history and testimonials from past clients. ADSO has an impressive portfolio of serving UAE based clients over the past 5 decades. We have served some of the top supply chains as well as startups, and are proud to be among the top list of freight forwarders in Dubai. We have one of the most efficient and safest fleets with latest technology. Along with that our drivers are trained in safe driving and laws of UAE. Our border control brokerage is top of the line and ensures smooth transport over borders, especially during transportation through trucks.