heavy lift transport Services in UAE

ADSO has been in the heavy lift transport service business for over 40 years providing the most efficient and cost-effective heavy lift transport services in UAE and GCC region. Heavy lift cargo requires a specialized plan and procurement process that can only be done by professionals in the field. We have successfully completed hundreds of this type of cargo forwarding over the years, and have the complete equipment, vehicles, tools and staff to deal with it. We have experience in moving heavy cargo that can not be moved with other transport techniques like break bulk cargo etc. Heavy lift logistics projects are those that weigh more than a 100 tonnes and can not be divided into smaller cargoes. This means that the entire bulk has to be shifted from one place to it's destination in it's complete shape, width and length.

Items that are considered among heavy lift cargo are wind turbines, generators, large heaters, pressing machines and other equipment as well as oil rig parts. Heavy lift transport company like ADSO will help in transferring heavy equipment parts from it's source to it's destination in every way possible. From planning it's execution to delivering it right on time, we are committed to our goal of being the best in the business of heavy cargo transport.


#1 heavy lift transport Company in UAE

For land transportation of heavy lift cargo, flat bed trailers, king trailers and front load trailers are used for lifting heavy equipment. These vehicles are the best for land transport as they can take the load of a 100 or more tonnes of steel, concrete and metal. Loading such massive and expensive items is a huge responsibility that is taken up confidently by ADSO's professional staff of loaders and trained workers. We are a heavy lift transport company with fully trained staff that has vast knowledge and years of experience in the business of heavy lift transport. We provide end to end project cargo and heavy lift assistance to any small or medium company or large supply chain or industries that need our services.

For sea and air freight, ADSO has a vast network and good contacts with the most trustworthy ship lines and airlines. Not just that but our good relations due to our repute with customs and border control helps immensely in delivering shipments right on time.

Why choose ADSO heavy lift transport Services

The main reason our clients choose us over others is our commitment to providing the most cost effective solution to heavy lift project cargo on both land, air and sea freight. We are a project forwarding company that deals with excellent value added services which make us one of the best in the region. We provide our services all over the world, and can have your cargo delivered in most areas on the globe. We conduct proper route surveys and ensure that whatever the mode of transport, the shipment reaches on time and without any hiccups on the way. Heavy lift cargo logistics can be difficult to track, but we provide quick online tracking system due to which anyone can keep an eye on the whereabouts of the shipment. Sometimes, weighty materials and massive equipment requires to be stored overnight or the ground transport trucks need rest. In that case, we provide fool proof security to the cargo with no worries of any sort of loss.