Land Transport Company Dubai

Along with sea-freight and air transport of goods and equipment, ADSO also provides land transport to its clients. One of the renowned transport companies in Dubai that provide ground transportation for all kinds of projects, equipment, import or export items is available. We have a huge range of trucks like  Flat Bed trucks, Curtain Side truck, Low Bed Trailer, Open Box trucks, Closed Box trucks, Reefer Truck, Pickups, Temperature Controlled Reefer, Flat Bed with Side Grill trucks for all types of cargo movements such as Door to Door, Port to Port, Door to Port and Port to Door.

Transport Companies in Dubai, UAE

Ground freight transportation can be a tricky business as there is a risk of unavailability of trucks at the last moment. We, at ADSO, ensure that your goods are transported right on time and without any delays. We can customize the road freight solutions for you and make it efficient, quick and as economical as possible. A transport company in Dubai that provides multiple options like land, sea and air is a rare find. ADSO provides you with custom solutions like providing all 3 in a package, if all land, sea and air-freight options are a requirement.


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We provide a comprehensive answer with excellent relations with all road networks and border ministries. There is a lot of custom clearance agent in contact at every stop and places that the trucks have to pass through. We have an intricate trucking network which ensures that land freight and ground transport trucks are available at all times for our clients. For a ground freight agency to do well, it is essential that the clients are provided with insurance and damage free guarantee, which ADSO promises. We have the most competitive rates in land freight agencies in Dubai, and you can get in touch with our customer services staff or just apply online to get an instant quote.

Why choose our Land Transport Company

We have one of the best and safest fleet of vehicles following all the safety measures required. From our drivers to the trucks being used everything is carefully scrutinized so that there is no risk of delays. We understand our clients needs to move equipments and goods from one place to another in the quickest time and as efficiently as possible, thus we take all the necessary steps to ensure there are no postponements. We have a close working relationship with the border control and there will be no unnecessary security checks for your goods being transported. We do a thorough check before disembarking the trucks, and our reliable drivers understand the legalities of security checks.

ADSO provides a cost effective land transporter forwarder solutions to its customers. Our experience in land, sea and air-freight makes us your best choice in Dubai and UAE. Our tailor made solutions for transport of products over the ground via trucks or vans to any country that is accessible via road from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We manage both sides of the business, from transporting your goods to another place safely we play a great role in ensuring that our client's businesses thrive and have maximum asset utilization. Inland logistics industry can be very tricky, and we make it possible for your business to thrive.

You can easily track all your goods being transported as our fleet of vehicles have real time tracking systems installed in them. Our customized land freight transportation system offers you the perfect solution to making cost effective choice for import or export as well as improving your business management so that you can deliver goods on time.



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