Shipping Companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

If you are on the search for reliable yet reasonable shipping companies in Dubai, then look no further as ADSO is the answer to your quest. We are a full service shipping company with a highly professional staff and equipped to handle all types of situations. We have a huge well-maintained shipping fleet that will not disappoint. We transport goods from pick up point to the furthest drop off point that you wish. ADSO has over 50 years of experience in freight forwarding and is considered among the top shipping companies in Abu Dhabi. Our drivers, customer service and all the staff is fully involved in bringing you the best of the best services.

List of Shipping Companies in Dubai

While going through the list of shipping companies in Dubai, you will find ADSO to be a top choice for clients who do not wish to compromise quality for lower price. We have a reputation of upholding supply chain companies together with our smooth and quick shipping services. Time is of the essence in this business and at ADSO, we have trained staff members who are star time managers and understand the problems that organizations can face. We provide a sophisticated freight forwarding solution with options of air, sea and land transportation available. We have dedicated warehouses, manage handling, even packaging at times and of course getting the cargo from Point A to Point B.


Our modern logistics tracking systems are state of the art and provide detailed information on the status of the ride. We are among the top list of shipping companies in Dubai and always growing by introducing new machinery or updating the ones we have. Our staff members are well trained and educated on looking at the supply chain management companies in a holistic manner which helps both you and us in being more efficient. Our staff can handle the pressure that comes with freight forwarding and shipping cargo.

ADSO's mission is to provide customized solutions to your logistical problems and ensure that work is done efficiently. Constantly developing and changing, freight forwarding and shipping is a dynamic field and extremely fast paced. With years of working in the field and hundreds of contacts in every place due to our great repute, we are able to fulfill our contracts with dignity and punctually. We have emerged as one of the best shipping company in Dubai and a freight forwarder that has fulfilled all of its contracts in the past years. From marine ports to warehouses in faraway locations and air freight options, ADSO has a lot more to offer.